Corporate training

I strongly believe in teaching what you know, and so we provide training strictly on topics for which we possess a deep understanding and have had direct experience. One of these sectors is that of stress management and strengthening of personal motivation and resilience.

When organizing corporate training sessions, we evaluate the needs and logistics, in order to tailor the course to each group. For this reason we have no standard course model or catalog.

The reference model is cognitive, and based in neuroscience, but the approach is practical. Methodologies and experiences used and learned are derived from the mental training techniques of elite athletes, from the world of expeditions, and from military training. In every case however, the course is experiential, because training limited only to theoretical aspects has no real future (not only in the commercial sense, but also in the retaining of skills acquired....).

One of the services we offer, in connection with these types of courses, is the evaluation and measurement of personal resilience. We have of, designed, and patented a system (developed with the Politecnic University of Torino), which uses specific devices that measure the impact of stress on physical and cognitive performance in real-life situations.

Another type of course we propose is aimed at managers and decision-makers, who must construct, maintain and manage a team, which is operating under stressful conditions. This course takes advantage of my own, personal experiences (real and not academic) of working with teams with extremely challenging objectives, and having to lead them in elevated stress conditions (environmental, relational, and emotional- see video).

One of our favorite courses we like to recommend is Teambuilding, a type of training intended for groups of people who need to strengthen interpersonal relations in order to grow together towards a common goal. By drawing on our own direct experiences in this subject, we combine classroom and outdoor activities, which have a solid base in theory. To get a better idea, I strongly suggest you have a look at the video on this topic below.

Motivational speaking at events

For quite some time companies have been asking me to give speeches and presentations at their events or meetings. Obviously, topics are on resilience, motivation, stress management in teams, as well as the talent-effort paradox.

Presentations are multimedia, with enthralling video clips from alpine expeditions, sports competitions, and training sessions of world-class athletes.

I have also given presentations in English in international venues.

Un esempio "estremo" di Teambuilding che comprende un'esperienza di condivisione a 360° in montagna- marciando tutta la giornata e bivaccando di notte-; e con l'utilizzo di armi da fuoco sotto stress in un poligono outdoor, per lavorare sulla gestione delle emozioni con una popolazione manageriale di lingua tedesca

Formazione aziendale
Speech motivazionali presso eventi
Speech motivazionali presso eventi
Speech motivazionali presso eventi
Speech motivazionali presso eventi