A series of cultural factors and poor lifestyle habits weaken our psychological abilities. These are the true roots of the crises affecting our modern societies.

Even before economic, the real crisis is internal. Today in our society, you can observe a progressive weakening of the mental strengths and motivation of individuals. There are several factors (cultural, educational and lifestyle) that contribute to what the author calls "internal performance". Every tiny problem is dealt with by taking a pill or with external aides. The development of individual will is blocked because it is the antithesis of the need to consume. Digital technologies are devastating to the ability to remain focused and concentrated even for a few minutes on any objective. Myths like "talent" or "innate ability", supported by the invocation of genetic prowess, erode faith in one's own abilities. The complete lack of meritocracy discourages the belief that hard work is a tool for achievement and success. Constant disassociation from the here and now whittles at the sense of reality, right down to its very foundations in our bodily perception.

Under the seemingly harmless appearance of a self-help manual, Trabucchi conducts a deep and well-documented criticism of our society in a time of crisis, showing the negative cerebral effects of many daily activities. Underlying the ironic tone are some frightening conclusions: ours is a society of total failure of internal resources. Even so, the book is not completely without hope. We can still succeed if we don't wait for political or administrative reforms to save us, and if we take the first steps and train our inner resources. Keeping to his experience in mental preparation for elite athletes, as well as from his experience in research and teaching at the university, Trabucchi shows us a series of techniques for recovering and developing our extraordinary heritage of psychological resources that we call "resilience".